The 2016 competition was juried by Malcolm Daniel, Curator of Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

To see last year’s prize winners, visit the 2015 Competition Prizewinners page.

Congratulations to our 2016 Prizewinners:

First Prize:  Jamey Stillings – Santa Fe, NM



Jamey Stillings
Santa Fe, NM
#9499, 21 March 2013, from the series “The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar”
Archival pigment print, 31″x44″

Second Prize:  Garrett Hansen – Lexington, KY


Garrett Hansen
Lexington, KY
Bullet #1
Silver print, 10″x8″

Third Prize:  Mariette Pathy Allen – New York, NY

Mariette Pathy Allen
New York, NY
Performer at the Las Vegas Club, Havana
Archival pigment print, 20″x24″

Fourth Prize:  Donna Pinckley – Little Rock, AR


Donna Pinckley
Little Rock, AR,
That’s not your mama.
Archival pigment print, 22″x17″

Fifth Prize:  Eric L. Hansen – Nashville, TN



Eric L. Hansen
Nashville, TN
Empty Drawers
Archival pigment print, 28″x35″

Sixth Prize:  Gloria Baker Feinstein – Kansas City, MO

Gloria Baker Feinstein
Kansas City, MO,
Hairpins, Breathitt County, Kentucky
Archival pigment print, 15″x15″

Seventh Prize:  Larry Jones – El Cerrito, CA

Larry Jones
El Cerrito, CA
Blockhouse Interior, Fort Ross, Sonoma County, California
Archival pigment print, 9.3″x14″

Eighth Prize:  Mark Winicov – Philadelphia, PA

Mark Winicov
Philadelphia, PA
Hanging Wash, Vinalhaven, Maine
Archival pigment print, 14″x18″

Ninth Prize:  Richard DeFalco – Princeton, NJ


Richard DeFalco
Princeton, NJ
Farm Trikes
Silver print, 13.5″x17.75″

Tenth Prize:  Lissa Rivera – Brooklyn, NY


Lissa Rivera
Brooklyn, NY
Boudoir, Beautiful Boy
Archival pigment print, 20″x30″

Eleventh Prize:  Wendy Sacks – Pittsford, NJ


Wendy Sacks
Pittsford, NY
After God, Series, Immersed in Living Water
Archival pigment print, 20″x16″

Twelfth Prize:  Suzanne Revy – Carlisle, MA


Suzanne Revy
Carlisle, MA
Bath Towel
Archival pigment print, 15″x15″

Thirteenth Prize:  Carolyn Meltzer – Decatur, GA


Carolyn Meltzer
Decatur, GA,
Aging Grace
Archival pigment print, 20″x30″

Fourteenth Prize:  Frank Sherwood White – Houston, TX


Frank Sherwood White
Houston, TX,
US 62 Kentucky Dam, from the series “Movement in a State of Rest”
Archival pigment print, 16.25″x24.5″

Fifteenth Prize:  Rick Rembisz – Garland, TX


Rick Rembisz
Garland, TX
5, from the series “After 1,” portraits of people on the street after 1 a.m.
Archival pigment print, 16.5″x12.5″

Sixteenth Prize:  Jennifer Little – Oakland, CA


Jennifer Little
Oakland, CA
Budget Motel, Mojave, CA, from the series “Aqueduct City” about the communities along the Los Angeles Aqueduct
Archival pigment print, 30″x40″