The Photograph Collector, Volume XXXIV, No. 1 (January 2013)

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  • analysis and candid advice
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  • reports on the ones that just passed
  • profiles of important collectors and dealers
  • news about dealers, galleries, and museums
  • listings of fairs, symposiums, and limited editions
  • curated listings of notable exhibitions


  • the most complete listing of photography auctions worldwide to be found anywhere

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View Volume XXXV, Number 6 (June 2014).


Reports on some of the major auctions in the history of the medium, including:

  • The Collection of Marie-Thèrése and André Jammes, 2002
  • Important Photographs from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Including Works from the Gilman Paper Company Collection, 2006
  • and 175 Masterworks to Celebrate 175 Years of Photography, 2014

Major issues of fraud and authentication in photography:

  • In 1998, we broke the story that the Helene Anderson Collection, auctioned in what pundits were dubbing “the sale of the century” by Sotheby’s London in May 1997, was not assembled by Anderson, leading some to believe it might have been stolen.
  • From 1999–2001, we published the most extensive investigative reports on the sale of hundreds of Lewis Hine prints that were purported to be lifetime prints but turned out to be fraudulently produced later prints.

Important galleries, photography initiatives, and fairs:

  • Al Gilens experiences an appointment at Pier 24 in San Francisco (Sept. 2014 Issue)
  • The Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts’ opening of Blue Sky Books for its 40th anniversary (Oct. 2014 Issue)
  • Exhibitors’ responses to a questionnaire regarding their sales at AIPAD (June 2014 Issue)

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