This year’s Photo Review International Photography Competition was juried by noted critic, curator, and author Lyle Rexer.

Also be sure to view our 2018 Prize Winners.

Congratulations to our 2019 Prizewinners:

Mark Wlaz
Sanibel, Florida
Tokyo Talk Radio, 2017
First Prize

Stephen Spiller
Long Island City, New York
It Was So Terribly Important Then, On Gaining Perspective, 2019
Second Prize

Bill Armstrong
New York, New York
Falling Through History: After Giorgio de Chircio, Fall of Phaeton, 2019
Third Prize
Victoria Crayhon
Providence, Rhode Island
Cosmonaut I, Moscow RF, 2018
Fourth Prize
Ava Blitz
Penn Valley, Pennsylvania
Fifth Prize
Tom Atwood
Bronx, New York
ANTHONY BARRETO-NETO, Transgender deputy sheriff Barton, VT, from Kings & Queens in Their Castles
Archival pigment print, 18″x26″
Sixth Prize

Michael Mergen
Farmville, Virginia
Untitled, from Epilogue to Mars
Archival pigment print, 21″x41″
Seventh Prize
Sandra Chen Weinstein
Lake Forest, California
Untitled D, from SHE/THEY Project
Eighth Prize

Clarice Barbato-Dunn
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Letting It All Go (The Spaciousness Project), 2016
Ninth Prize
Silvia Lizama
Hollywood, Florida
Construction Site 4526, Miami, FL, 2012
Tenth Prize

Rebecca Moseman
Purcellville, Virginia
The Car Boys
Eleventh Prize
Michael Darough
Waco, Texas
Remembering Gordon
Archival pigment print, 20″x13″
Twelfth Prize

Galina Kurlat
Brooklyn, NY
Thirteenth Prize
Noelle Mason
Tampa, Florida
Backscatter Blueprint (Los Tristes)
Cyanotype, 15″x22″
Fourteenth Prize
Mark Hockman
Westtown, Pennsylvania
The Kiss
Archival pigment print, 8″x12″
Fifteenth Prize