Competition Winners: Where are they now? (Part 1)

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We wanted to give you a little update on what our 2014 competition prize winners have been up to lately and what projects they are planning for the future. Check out the list below to see where these talented individuals have been showing their work, recent projects, and where you can see them next.

—Miles Bowers

Intern with The Photo Review


Shauna Frischkorn: Kevin, Subway Sandwich Artist
Kevin, Subway Sandwich Artist
First Prize

Shauna Frischkorn will appear in the book Identities Now: Contemporary Portrait Photography with a pending release through Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art. She was also featured in the group exhibition Course and Discourse with The Doshi Gallery at The State Museum of Pennsylvania and the Invitational Photography Exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, PA.

Dawn Whitmore: Mathieu and Helena
Mathieu and Helena
Second Prize

Dawn Whitmore is currently showing Gun Love, an exhibit about women and contemporary gun culture, from January 24 – April 4, 2015 at the Arlington Art Center in Arlington, TX. She has also done work for the Winter 2015 issue of VQR photographing the world of taxidermy, and she received press from Arts Desk in October 2014.

Ilisa Katz Rissman: Peace Sign and Pistol
Peace Sign and Pistol
Third Prize

Ilisa Katz Rissman continues to work on ongoing projects using large format cameras to document a diverse range of people and environments. Her piece was featured in the New York Photo Festival exhibition Photoworld 2014, and James Rondeau from The Art Institute of Chicago honored a photo from her Unveiled series.


Jess T. Dugan: Dallas Lying on the Bed
Dallas Lying on the Bed
Fourth Prize

Jess T. Dugan’s work explores issues of gender, sexuality, identity, and community. Dugan has an upcoming solo exhibition called Every Breath We Drew through Fall 2015 with the Cornell Museum of Fine Arts at Rollins College in NYC. Dugan has previously been exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Art, the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA and the Schneider Gallery in Chicago, IL.

Rick Rembisz: Krump 2
Krump 2
Fifth Prize

Rick Rembisz installed a series of 22 black and white images inside a vacant retail space located inside a shopping center in October 2013. The pictures show scenes of live music, which Rembisz continues to document in the Garland, Texas area.

Lee Saloutos: Gas Chamber, Wyoming Frontier Prison, #4
Gas Chamber, Wyoming Frontier Prison, #4
Sixth Prize

Lee Saloutos participated in the group exhibition Hark the Herald Two, which focused on work by local veterans and was available to view at the Richmond Public Library in Richmond, VA through November 2014. His series, Hidden in Plain Sight, is an ongoing project to document abandoned prisons in the United States, many of which, in their emptiness, are eerily spacious and light.