Competition Winners: Where are they now? (Part 2)

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This is a continued segment of our previous blog post, updating you on the recent activity and plans of our 2014 competition winners.

—Miles Bowers,

Intern with The Photo Review


Matthew Arnold: Gun Emplacement, Bunker Z93, after a sandstorm, Wadi Zitoune Battlefield, Tobruk perimeter, Libya
Gun Emplacement, Bunker Z93, after a Sandstorm, Wadi Zitoune Battlefield, Tobruk Perimeter, Libya. 
Seventh Prize

Matthew Arnold’s monograph titled Topography is Fate: North African Battlefields of WWII features landscape photographs from Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya where battles in the North African Campaign were fought. The book was released February 18, 2014 by Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg.

David Soffa: Spatial Cryptogram #2
Spatial Cryptogram #2
Eighth Prize

David Soffa received a BA in photography from Bard College and has been exhibited in venues such as the Garrison Art Center in NY and the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.

Victoria Crayhon: Untitled VI Quincy MA 2014 from series Thoughts on Romance from the Road
Untitled VI, Quincy, MA, 2014, from the series “Thoughts on Romance from the Road”
Ninth Prize

Victoria Crayhon’s series Thoughts on Romance from the Road, an ongoing project that documents interventions to roadside marquee signs in which she replaces words with her own phrases, was published with 0_100 Editions in 2014 with the book available for purchase. She was also featured in the 2014 Aperture Summer Open.


Joan L. Brown: New Alternatives #3
New Alternatives #3
Tenth Prize

Joan Lobis Brown’s recent projects span from photographs taken in The Arctic, showing wildlife and the changing landscapes to her portraiture work in Infected and Affected, showing the emotional effects of those infected with HIV/AIDS. Her work touches on both environmental and social issues and has been featured in Portraiture: Expression and Gesture at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, VT juried by Karen Haas and in What Is a Portrait at the Ripe Art Gallery in Huntington, NY juried by Ruben Natal-San Miguel.

Kerry Mansfield: Treasure Island, Interior Front Spread
Treasure Island, Interior Front Spread, from the series “Expired”
Eleventh Prize

Kerry Mansfield was awarded Finalist 3rd place in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards and her photograph is currently an Onward Compe finalist. The New York Photo Awards and Italian Contemporary Magazine have both featured pieces from her Aftermath series, which shows her personal experiences after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jamey Stillings: #8502, 27 October 2012, from the series “The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar"
#8502, 27 October 2012, from the series “The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar”
Twelfth Prize

Jamey Stillings is continuing his photographic work in various fields spanning from documentary, fine art, and commissions. His projects range from ongoing documentation of the construction of the bridge downstream from the Hoover Dam focusing on its technical achievement and relationship to the land to CHANGING PERSPECTIVES on Renewable Energy Development that uses aerial and ground based methods to examine renewable energy projects. He hopes to soon expand the project beyond the American West and into a global study.