Competition Winners: Where are they now? (Part 3)

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This is the final segment of our previous blog posts, updating you on the recent activity and plans of our 2014 competition winners.
—Miles Bowers, Intern with The Photo Review


Christine Shank: from the series "our first year together"
From the series “our first year together”
Thirteenth Prize

Christine Shank’s Solo Exhibition, Our First Year Together, features images that “work with and against one another, unfolding without resolution, much like instances in day-to-day life”, and was available to view at The Project Space through Oct. 2014. She was recently featured in Life and/ or Death, an online exhibition curated by Kevin J. Miyazaki and appeared as a featured portfolio in NEPTÚN Magazine.

Deborah Hamon: Snow Dance
Snow Dance
Fourteenth Prize

Deborah Hamon’s piece The Game has been on display in the U.S. embassy residence in Tel Aviv, Israel for the last. She recently found out that Ambassador Shapiro would like to keep the piece up through his tenure and it will remain there for an additional two years. She has also been working on the Polar Pom-Pom Project, which engages elementary school students by connecting them with art and issues related to climate change.


David Wolf: Clover Tangle
Clover Tangle, from the series Nurturing Time, Life in a Backyard Garden
Fifteenth Prize

David Wolf’s piece Blue Christmas, No. 1 was included in the 2014 Aperture Summer Open. He was also featured in the June 2014 issue of Harper’s Magazine with his piece Clover Triangle from the series Nurturing Time, Life in a Backyard Garden.

Jeremy Underwood: Plastic Bottle Debris Circle
Plastic Bottle Debris Circle
Sixteenth Prize

Jeremy Underwood has been published in Photo District News and named as an emerging talent by Lens Culture magazine. His series Human Debris continues to examine modern society’s interaction with the land by focusing on environmental issues and transforming everyday waste into thought provoking installations.