Meet our new intern: Miles Bowers

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Our newest intern, Miles, has been with us for a few weeks now. Miles studied art at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR and plans to continue his degree at Portland State in the fall. In his personal work, he is focused on alternative photographic processes using analogue and digital mediums. He has worked extensively in the darkroom developing color film but is currently focused on digital experimentation involving building and altering camera firmware and sensors. He also does local freelance portrait work and plans to work as a second-shooter for a wedding photographer while apprenticing with an architectural photographer through the spring and summer before returning to school. He has done local work with Eugene Weekly and Oregon Voice and hopes to continue working with publications and in the fields of photography and videography while forming a better understanding of how various media function and operate.

Below is some of his work. Visit his website for more.

Milky Way, Digital
35 second digital exposure of the Milky Way in Yellowstone National Park, 2014
Analogue print distorted in scanner
35mm color film print distorted in scanner, 2014
Fish Lake, 35mm
35mm color film print of Fish Lake, 2012
Burnt 120 negative film
Self developed and burnt color negative 120 film, 2014
Cascade Lakes at night, painted digital print
30 second digital exposure at the Cascade Lakes, printed and hand painted using watercolor, 2015